We welcome and include everyone in our community and value individuality and diversity.

Bigger, Better, Stronger

Multi Academy Trust

Tyne Coast Academy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust which is sponsored by Tyne Coast College, a large general Further Education college with a world-wide reputation in maritime education

Its aim is to support schools in the North-East and the wider region who have joined together because they share a collective vision for excellence in education at all ages. The Multi Academy Trust believes children and other young people within its communities deserve outstanding academic and vocational opportunities and experiences from the moment they begin their educational journey to becoming successful people, able to lead happy, fulfilling and productive lives. It believes in building on solid foundations to provide an excellent education. Students come from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds, and the trust is committed to helping them to achieve their maximum potential, whatever their starting point.

Tyne Coast College, the Academy Trust sponsor, has a high degree of competitive advantage and a significant worldwide reputation based on the following key factors:

  • Good financial management, significant capital redevelopment and zero borrowing;
  • A modern, rationalised and revitalised campus, with world-class maritime and engineering facilities;
  • Good and improving quality and student outcomes – Ofsted rated ‘Good’ (December 2015, new short inspection regime);
  • ‘Outstanding’ Halls of Residence – Ofsted, May 2018;
  • Ofsted rated ‘Good’ in all areas (October 2019);
  • Well-established, highly experienced senior management, with excellent business and professional expertise;
  • One of the highest percentage non-funding body income in the country (51% in 2014/2015);
  • Very good employer relationships, worldwide, nationally and regionally;
  • Significant specialisms supporting regional and national priorities;
  • Outstanding KPMG/Tribal 2015 benchmarking against best performing Further Education colleges;
  • Strong relationships with employers regionally, nationally and internationally, and active membership of key employer bodies including IAMI, SEMTA, EEF, Chamber of Commerce, Advanced Manufacturing Forum, Maritime Skills Alliance, and Merchant Navy Training Board;
  • Good staff morale and employee relations despite significant workforce restructuring and contract renegotiation; good staff survey results, good relationship with trade unions, low staff sickness and low staff turnover levels, and Health and Wellbeing at Work Gold Award;
  • Successful introduction of 14-19 Career College North East, specialising in engineering, advanced manufacturing and computer science.

We know that the route to future success lies in maintaining the highest of aspirations for our learners and ensuring that, by the time they complete their studies, they are well-equipped to move onto the next phase in their education and future lives.


Our mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values drive our delivery of first-class provision and show a clear commitment of support to all students equally.

With a mission to provide outstanding educational opportunities, we will benefit learners and the communities we serve. Doing so will satisfy our vision to grow further as a world-class educational facility, operating with a focus that develops the potential of all.

Following these paths will allow us to play a key role in ensuring the long-term prosperity of our region, through the creation of skills that drive economic growth.

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